15ML/20ug Travel Sized 1P-LSD Microdosing Kit


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The World’s 1st LSD Microdosing Kit
“Microdosing Kits” Can Only Be Sold Within Canada


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830 in stock

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The World’s 1st Travel Sized 1P-LSD Volumetric Microdosing Kit! By Microdelics™ 

This Prototype is available for Research Purposes Only.

This Product Can Not Be Shipped outside of Canada.

NOTE: This research chemical is restricted in certain countries, region(s) and including individual states in USA.  For some guidelines and more details please review our Restricted Territories page on our website.

RESTRICTED TERRITORIES: Virginia (VA), Illinois (IL), Wisconsin (WI)

For other States, please view our Restricted Territories.

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Keep the bottle refrigerated or in a dark cool safe place. 1P-LSD degrades in sunlight quickly. 

4-ACO-DMT, Proscaline and LSD analogues are very potent chemicals, even at the microdose level. Please secure and store your purchases in lockable containers unaccessible by children and pets.

The kit contains one 20μg (microgram) blotter tab, a measuring cup, instructions and a 15ml bottle for distilled water. Once mixed, each 1 ml of water will have 1.33 micrograms of 1P-LSD (1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide). The average microdose of 1P-LSD (1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide) is 7-12MLs or 7-12μg (μg=microgram) 

Please shake well and wait 24 hours after adding the 1P-LSD blotter tab to the distilled water to ensure it has completely dissolved. Shake well before each use.

Please download and read the Product Information Sheet

Disclaimer: Microdelics™ makes no claims towards any efficacy of this product to treat any medical conditions or mental health disorders and can only be sold for research purposes. This product is not sold for human consumption or veterinarian use.

  • Please do not ask questions related to microdosing for human consumption or we will have to close your account. These products are sold for research purposes only.

    If you are looking for educational videos, articles and research studies regarding microdsing for your research faculty or school please visit the The Third Wave at https://thethirdwave.co and or Dr. James Fadiman’s Website at https://www.jamesfadiman.com We have also included many articles on our website and on the product information sheet included with our products for those that are interested in the subject matter and that are performing legal studies.

    This Kit contains one 1P-LSD Hemi-L-Tartrate Blotter Unit (20 ug)

    Relevant identified uses: For research use only, not for human or veterinary use

    1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide Hemi-L-Tartrate / (6aR,9R)-N,N-Diethyl-7-methyl-4-propanoyl-6,6a,8,9-tetrahydroindolo[4,3-fg]quinoline-9-carboxamide Hemi-L-Tartrate

    Molecular Formula: C23H29N3O2

    Molecular Weight:  379.504 g·mol−1

    Form: Hemi-L-tartrate

    IUPAC:[3-[2-[Isopropyl(methyl)amino]ethyl]-1H-indol-4-yl] acetate

    CAS: 2349358-81-0

    NMR: N/A

    LCMS: N/A

    This research chemical is restricted in certain countries, region(s) and including individual states in USA.  For some guidelines and more details please click this link: restricted-territories

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  1. My Favorite! Now in convenient size!

    Ever since I first tried 1P-LSD, there were almost Immediately noticeable results in regards to what I was essentially hoping to gain. Mental clarity at all time Highs, memory, stamina, creativity and inspiration to do whatever I wanted at the time. I’ve recommended this product to almost everyone I come into contact with, and I fully believe in the Major benefits of Microdosing, and thanks to you now I don’t have to be afraid of trying to find products that could potentially be dirty or contaminated and caruse harm from an unknown source.

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