MindMed's JR Rahn on Using LSD To Treat Mental Health – The Daily Dive

For our Saturday edition of The Daily Dive, host Cassandra Leah sits down with that of JR Rhan, founder and co-CEO of Mind Medicine (NEO: MMED). JR joins us to discuss operating in the mental health space, why the firm elected to study MDMA and LSD, and the stigma associated with such compounds that the company has had to work through.

Third Wave

Mind Medicine, or MindMed as it is often referred to, is one of the leading psychedelic medicine firms in the pharmaceutical space. The company is focused on discovering, developing, and deploying psychedelic-inspired medicines along with experiential therapies for addiction and mental illness. MindMed currently has a pipeline with a variety of substances that includes psilocybin, LSD, DMT, Ibogaine derivatives, and MDMA.

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