Microdosing vs Macrodosing LSD & Magic Mushrooms

To paraphase the words of Dr. Neal Jeweler– a week known speaker on psychedelics and writer of Psychedelic Healing says while a microdose can be considered a “whisper,” a macrodose is a shout and also a shake.

Envision that your subconscious mind has a message it intends to connect to you, such as, “Do not be so difficult on yourself.”

A microdosing method can permit enough ‘flexibility’ for the message to be continuously ‘heard’ throughout the microdosing program protocol. After hearing the message repeated in a range of different contexts, it might be much easier to absorb.

In contrast, a “macrodose” (a “therapuetic dose” in this example) could interact that message to you with a much louder ‘voice’ over an 8-12 hr experience. While it may not always be positive, you will most certainly hear the message. Nonetheless, if proper treatment isn’t required to incorporate the experience, modifications might not be as lasting as and/or as useful as microdosing.

Dose reaction to psychedelics can vary significantly from one person to another, nevertheless, we can generalize and also consider the dose levels of psychedelics in these categories (utilizing LSD as an instance):.

Over 400 micrograms: A “brave dose.” Extreme, out of body experience.

400 micrograms: A “transcendental dosage.” A deeply spiritual or mystical experience.

200 micrograms: A “restorative dosage.” Aiming to promote self-exploration as well as reflection.

100 micrograms. A “problem-solving dosage.” Good for applying an imaginative, issue fixing perspective to a specific problem, often among a professional or scholastic nature.

50 micrograms. A “museum/concert dose.” Going for enhanced capability to take pleasure in audio and also visual stimuli and also raise creative thinking.

15-20 micrograms. A “minidose.” Checked out in better depth later in the training course; commonly utilized for creative job.

Microdosing appears to be mainly biochemical in nature. We believe this is why, when some people that have problem with clinical depression stop microdosing, a few of the signs and symptoms return.

Macrodosing is both biochemical as well as psychospiritual.

This is not to indicate that you can not derive enduring gain from microdosing that will outlive a particular microdosing procedure you comply with.

Rather, it’s to claim that of the main sources of the therapeutic advantages of a macrodose may be the spiritual, magical component of the experience.

While microdosing often aids in awakening us to spiritual truths, it does so in a far more subtle, “peaceful” way.